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Spanish native speaker and voiceover artist Nacho Hermo

Spanish voice talent in Berlin | Madrid

Versatile voice artist, Spanish native speaker, for all kind of productions and shows, voice-overs, advertisements, radio plays, dubbing, audio books, audio guides, image films...


"Young, natural, bright and fresh!"

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I was born in Madrid and am a Spanish native speaker. I acquired my first experience as a voice artist working for a Spanish local radio station. During my studies of Translation and Interpretation I received formal elocution and voice training. 

In 2001 I moved to Munich, Germany, where I launched my voice-over career on the Spanish programme produced by ARD (Germany's top national network) and broadcast from Munich. Three years later I moved to Berlin to develop my professional career as a freelance voice talent and dubbing actor for all kind of productions, voice-overs, advertisements, radio plays, TV series, audio books, audio guides, image films...

As a professional, I believe that further voice training is essential and I constantly work with personal coaches. 

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